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Summer Nights at Woodlands

July 20th - July 27th, 2018

All kids ages 3 years through 5th grade are invited to spend their SUMMER NIGHTS with us! Every Friday night in July, Woodlands will be hosting a fully-staffed event just for kids! We will be learning together, singing and dancing together, and just getting wild...and perhaps a bit messy :). The final Friday, July 27th will be a night for the WHOLE FAMILY, as we get together for a movie night, snacks, and so much more.

If you want your child to grow in their relationship with God, make new friends, or if you just want to wear them out before bedtime...then Summer Nights at Woodlands is the place for you.

With questions, email erika@atwoodlands.com.

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Woodlands Kids Pre-Registration

July 22nd - December 30th, 2018

It is our priority to make sure your children are safe for the time they spend in our nursery & Woodlands Kids facilities. Here are some frequently asked questions:

  1. In an emergency, what's the process for notifying a parent or guardian?
    Once you have checked your child in, you and your child will receive a label with the same numbers. One goes on them & one goes to you. If we need you to come receive your child, we will show your child's number on the screens in the worship center. We also have an emergency contact phone number in our system if we can't get ahold of you in the worship center.

  2. Is child/attendee information secure?
    Only our staffed computers have the ability to search for people by name and access/edit their personal information. The tree kiosks do not have this ability.

  3. What about critical medical information for kids (allergies, conditions, etc)?
    Every name label will print any medical notes entered in the child's profile.